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1962 706 Gets Cleaned

17/09/18 1962 Ivory 706 arrives.


The first thing I do to a new arrival is clean it, sometimes they are not too bad and sometimes they are very dirty indeed.  This Ivory phone is acrylic, which breaks easily if you drop the phone.  The great thing about it is that it seems to holds it's colour, unlike the later ABS cases, which fade or turn a funny colour, the concord blue forinstance turns a blue/green colour.

A dusty dial that

was hard to turn and refused to return to normal.  Definately time for a good clean to bring it back to life.


Dial removed and left to soak in white spirits to loosen the oil and dirt accumulation.

Jar sealed and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner for ten minutes to shift the dirt from all those hard to reach places.

It should be noted that the liquid gets hot and so on leaving the spirit the dial will not turn until cool.

Circuit board removed, air blasted and brushed,  the base gets the sasme treatment before being washed and oven dried.  I don't remove the bell gongs, as it negates the need to set them up again, nor do I polish them.

After a soak and wash in warm soapy water, the body parts are placed in the oven on a very low heat to dry.

No need to polish this phone too much as the acryrlic has a good shine. 

With a light oil to the dial, making sure the spring gets some lubrication to stop it rusting, I rebuild the internals of the phone. On this phone I put a new dial insert cover on, the clear plastic bit, as the old one was badly chiped at the edges.

There was no line cord with the phone and the handset cord is in bad condition so that will require some work.  That said, I replace the cords with new old stock.

Finally done, phone clean and working ready to be installed.


Check out the now working dial in the video below.

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