Lincolnshire Heritage Telephone Exchange
Lincolnshire HeritageTelephone Exchange


C*Net - The collectors asterisk network, is a clever way of connecting legacy equipment to a network via VOIP.  I have built an asterisk tandem with analogue terminal adaptors that connect my system to any other systems which also connected using the internet network.  In the UK we adopted the old STD (Subscriber Truck Dialling) codes thus making it possible for collectors to keep alive the old tradition of exchange names and numbers, my number groups are listed below.


Lincoln 0522 

Number range: 22XXX (22000-22999), 999 lines.  This range is served by a Meridian Norstar currently populated with 32 digital extensions and 32 analogue extensions.


0526 Charge Group

Metheringham 05262 2XX, served by a BT Inspiration

Bardney 05263 2XX and 3XX, served by the UAX6

Coningsby 05264 2XX, served by the PABX7

Woodhall Spa 05265 2XXX,3XXX served by the SX50

Martin 05267 2XX, served by the PABX5

Horsington 052 685 2XX and 3XX, served by two UAX13 racks.


Other Exchange

Winceby 06585 3XX, served by a single UAX13 rack.

Wainfleet 075482 2XX, 3XX and 6XX, served by the asterisk


Langrick 020 573 2XX, 3XX, served by the asterisk tandem




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